Our Story

I guess it’s true what they say: When a group of different people comes together, magic is created. An IT geek, a number-crunching analyst, a marketing genie and a couple of exceptional artists, all different personalities having one thing in common: Thinking outside the box.

That’s how Mnymal was born.

As Mnymal progressed, our lives changed for good. Wearing these accessories helped us in defining ourselves. Donning Mnymal accessories has given us our own standout moments, usually peppered with compliments. Isn’t it amazing?

Do you like to be unique?

Do you love being the centre of attraction and want to be in the limelight forever ? Well you need not look any further. Mnymal is there for you to make your personality always look better than that of others.


Why choose wooden ?

Whether elegant in a suit or casual in jeans, the wooden accessories can be finishing touch or the perfect item to start a conversation. There is no better way to express your style or make a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

We Believe in our products..

Our mission is to do more than just deliver excellent products. We truly believe in handmade work especially if is done with love. That’s why our wooden accessories are made in high quality with precision, patience and with keen attention to details.

Why wooden pins ?

If you are a pin collector, you’re probably used to enamel pins. We wish to break the stereotype by using wood to create our pins. The wood will give the pins a much more unique look and texture, which acrylic and enamel both lack. Also, these wooden pins take 20% to 24% less energy to manufacture when compared to enamel pins. Also these pins are created responsibly sourced wood, which is an extra bonus for the environment!


Please note that wood laser engraved products are made from REAL wood and are individual from one to the next due to the wood grain and wood color. Whereas the Laser settings are always the same, the intensity and darkness are affected by the individual wood grain and wood color from one piece to the next. Stain colors will vary due to the original wood grain and color being inconsistent. Laser engraving is a burning process and therefore will leave varying degrees of smokiness.